Exit Protocol

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It is critical that members leaving the lab properly archive all materials so that they can be found and used by others.  This is critical to the success of both yourself and the lab - misplaced data, constructs and cell lines can both slow research in the lab and lead to a loss of authorship.  To ensure a smooth transition please follow these guidelines:

  1. Ensure all data, manuscripts, figures, analysis files and any other computer documents that may be of use to the lab are copied into your folder on the lab server.  All of these files should be stored here already (as per the File Storage standards), but make sure that all files on the server are present and up-to-date.
  2. Catalog all contents of 4, -20 and -80° boxes and move any samples into centralized lab boxes. Inform Dr. Heit or the Research Technician of the location of these items. If you are unsure of where to store items for long term, ask the Research Technician. Do not leave any personal storage boxes in these locations.
  3. Ensure all laboratory notebook entries are up-to-date and dated, the contents filled out properly, and all attached documents secured with archival-quality tape or staples.
  4. Deposit laboratory notebook with Dr. Heit.  Feel free to make a copy for yourself.  ORIGINAL COPIES OF THE LABORATORY NOTEBOOKS ARE LAB PROPERTY AND MUST NEVER BE REMOVED FROM THE LAB.
  5. Return any personal protective equipment (PPE) or other laboratory equipment purchased by the lab to the lab's central store
  6. Contact the necessary UWO offices to terminate your ID card, any grants/fellowships/studentships, and other university accounts.

Important note: not uncommon for data to be published years after the lab member who generated the data has left the lab.  Please update your contact information with Dr. Heit for at least 5 years after leaving the lab to ensure you receive credit (i.e. authorship) for any articles produced from your data.