Antibiotic Plates

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  1. Add 20 g of LB agar to a 1 L flash.
  2. Fill flask to the 500 mL line with dH2O.
  3. Autoclave the flask. Note: have a water bath set to 50°C.
  4. When the flask comes back from autoclaving, put it in the water bath to let it slowly cool down.
  5. Add 500 μL of antibiotic to the flask and swirl.
  6. Light the bunsen burner, and add the LB agar to petri dishes. Add just enough of the mixture to cover the bottom of each petri dish.
  7. Let the plates cool down.
  8. For plates with ampicillin, add a blue line to the side of the plates, and for plates with kanamycin, add two black lines.
  9. Put plates back in the plastic bag and put them in the fridge.