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Instructions for Creating or Editing Pages

To make the pages consistent, and protocols easy to follow, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Structure the protocol in the order you would follow in the lab.
  2. Number steps sequentially (1,2,3,4...); is there are sub-steps, clearly mark them using letters (a,b,c) or bullets
  3. If a protocol branches, use a horizontal line to separate branches, and provide links to each branch/reunion.
  4. If there are hints or tricks, enter them in the line below the relevant step, using the box-formatted text (under format entry).  For example:
Hint: The hint formatting can be found after Heading 6 in the format box
  1. For larger protocols split into sections using header 4 as a label; this will auto-generate a legend to the major sections within the protocol.  Sub-sub sections can be labeled with header 5, and so forth.
  2. Recipes for any buffers not listed on the common buffers page must be listed at the end of the protocol, in a sub-section with the header "recipes".
  3. Please spell-check the page (copy into word, etc) before posting.
  4. If the protocol is based on a paper or other source, provide the reference to the original material
  5. Please use the below outline as a general formatting guide:

Page Outline:

  1. Title in "Heading 1" format, with a horizontal line below it
  2. Brief preamble, describing purpose of protocol
  3. Main body of method
    • Divided into sub-sections if required
  4. Recipes
  5. References/Links

Note: Re-numbering of lines and multi-indent does not always work using the built-in rich text editor. If you are having issues, edit the raw text as follows:

  • multi-indent = * (single indent) ** (double-indent) *** (triple indent)
  • re-number line = #<li value="x">Item </li>, where x = number to re-start at. This only needs to be done on the first item in a re-numbered list.

Markup Language:

For a full guide on the markup language, see this page.

Using Word:

A plugin for word is available that will allow word-formatted documents to be saved as a text (.txt) file containing wikimedia markup language. Simply install the plugin, prepare the file in word, export (file -> saveas -> Mediawiki (*.txt). Open the .txt file, and copy the text into the wiki editor, while in wiki marpkup mode.