Setting Up Network Drives

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The laboratory has a server on which all work-related files must be stored. Before you can access these folders you must get a user ID and password from Dr. Heit.  Please follow these instructions closely in order to ensure security of our data files.  To enable access to a computer at work:

Windows Computer

  1. Open up "My Computer" in Windows Explorer
  2. Click on "Map Network Drive"
  3. Select a drive, then enter \\\xxx, where xxx is the share:
    • Lab Files (personal directories): HeitLab
  4. If you want the computer to auto-mount the folder at boot, select "Reconnect at Logon"
    • DO NOT DO THIS if the computer will be used by non-laboratory individuals
  5. Select "Use Different Credentials", then click finish
    • A dialogue box asking for a user ID and password should open, enter your ID and password
  6. If this is a personal computer you can save your password.  DO NOT SAVE YOUR PASSWORD if the computer is no solely used by yourself, or if it is a shared computer not belonging to our lab.

Mac OS/X Computer

  1. Start the Connect to Server client (in the 'Go' menu).
  2. Enter smb://, where xxx is the share
    • NOTE: enter the slashes correctly - this is the opposite of windows
  3. Hit connect, then enter the required information.  Workgroup is 'HEITLAB', although it should be fine to leave it blank.

Ubuntu Linux

Temporary Mount:
  1. Open Nautilus (file manager)
  2. Select "Connect to Server" under the "File" menu
    • Under server type select "Windows share
    • Under server enter
    • Under share enter the desired share
    • Under user name enter your user name
  3. Hit connect, enter your password when asked
Permanently Mount:
  1. Get your user name ID from Dr Heit
  2. Make a directory to mount the share (i.e. sudo mkdir /mnt/LabServer)
    • If mounting multiple shares, a folder must be created for each.
  3. In a terminal type "sudo gedit ~/.smbcredentials, into the editor add the two lines:
    • username=MyUsername
    • password=MyPassword
  4. sudo chown root .smbcredentials
  5. sudo chmod 600 .smbcredentials
  6. backup fstab: sudo cp /etc/fstab /etc/fstab-backup
  7. sudo gedit /etc/fstab
  8. enter at the end of fstab:
    • //$xxx $mount cifs iocharset=utf8,credentials=~/.smbcredentials,uid=$UID 0 0
      • $xxx = share name
      • $mount = directory on local machine to mount share
      • $UID is UID number of your account on the server
    • Do not enter '$' in the fstab

Off-Campus Access

Off-campus access is possible via VPN or SSH File Transfer Protocol.  For security reasons these access methods are not available to most lab members.  If you require this access please talk to Dr. Heit

Wiki Access

The wiki is available from any computer, anywhere in the world.  Simply browse to

  • User editing is currently available to registered users who are off-campus