Water Bath Antibiotic Solution

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Reagents Needed

  • Copper Sulfate (Cu2SO4)
  • EDTA
  • Dish soap or other detergent (i.e. Tween/Triton)


Fill water bath with tap water (typically 6 L is needed). Weigh out Cu2SO4 necessary to prepare 1 g/L final concentration (6 g for 6 L). Pre-dissolve the Cu2SO4 in a small beaker of water, then mix into water bath. Add 1:9500 of 0.5 M EDTA (650 uL into 6 L). Add a very small amount of dish soap or 100-1000 uL of another detergent.

Copper sulfate is a natural antibiotic compound. EDTA chelates the essential ions needed for bacterial growth. The detergent works as a surfactant to any clumping